Care services in a nursing hospital

The limitations of the sources used in the first study.

In care services, In a nursing hospital, The Gu utilized data on claims for national health insurance and long-term care for the elderly provided by the National Health Insurance Corporation.

Data on the medical use and long-term care services In a nursing hospital for the elderly of the National Health Insurance shall be provided by medical institutions and long-term care providers;

Only the claimed benefits are collected and medical use data for non-benefit items are not available. Also old man’s funeral

The use of long-term care insurance for the elderly can only be verified, so the use of public care shall be determined.

It was not possible to consider whether to take informal care of elderly patients, which could be a major factor in doing so.

Second, this study is based on the past in that it mainly utilizes year data.


It has a limitation that it may be difficult to apply at this point in time since long-term care insurance for the elderly has been introduced.

Years later, the system has been undergoing changes, including easing of rating standards, and problems surrounding 요양병원 – nursing hospitals.

The number of hospitalization fees according to the number of days of funding for the self-burden ceiling is revealed, and the fixed number of hospital fees for the reduction system nursing hospital,

This is because related systems have been changed or are scheduled to be changed. However, the main point of this study is ash.

The number of hospitalizations based on the number of days of hospitalization is undermining the link between long-term care and health care.

The situation is a major challenge that has not yet been addressed, so we have seen this study at this point.

It is judged that there is an availability of

Third, the short-term effect of introducing long-term care insurance for the elderly on the use of long-term care facilities through this study.

I could only figure it out. In addition, this study introduces long-term care insurance for the elderly to use long-term care services.

It’s just to identify the effects that have occurred, and the health effects that can be described as the next step.

No, because of the nature of the long-term care insurance rating of the elderly, it was previously classified as a policy non-benefit group.

Because older people are more likely to become policy recipients over time, a longer observation period is required.

This is because movement between the two armies is a big problem to grasp the river’s consequences. reasons such as this

Care services in a nursing hospital In this study, results were inevitably observed in the months following policy implementation and the short-term effectiveness of the policy.

It has a breaking point that it is only about identified Long-term care for the elderly by solving these problems in the future;

It raises the need for research to assess the health consequences of introducing toughness and the medium to long-term effects of policies.

Notwithstanding these limitations, this study introduces long-term care insurance for the elderly and provides long-term care services for the elderly;

In a nursing hospital, which has been constantly recognized as a social problem through a study that evaluates the impact on use;

It is significant that the effectiveness of the policy on inpatients was evaluated and the long term of the elderly in Korea

Since the introduction of long-term care insurance, existing prior research that evaluated the impact of the introduction of care insurance on health care services.

In contrast to only identifying changes in health care use and expenditure, in this study, admission to a nursing hospital.

The number of hospitalization fees according to the number of days of financial resources closely related to the use of long-term care services by patients;

It is significant in that it was evaluated considering the characteristics of the hospital.